Thursday, August 16, 2012

How I Cope With Stress

I've got lots of stuff on the table.  Shop to be updated.  Stake Primary Training this Saturday (and we're down a Councilor).  I was asked to do an online mag article - due this weekend.  So what did I do yesterday?

Yup, I rearranged the bookshelves by color!  Totally silly and unnecessary but sooo pretty.  I've seen this and been very disdainful.  My beloved books were arranged like a library - fiction alpha by author, non fiction by subject.  Never would I do something so frivolous as arrange by color.  I then watched HGTV Home by Novogratz last Saturday. 

via Apartment Therapy
I was overcome by color shaded book case lust.  Every day I looked at the bookcases I would think, "that would be pretty".  My book shelves take up about 25 feet of wall and are hard not to see so I was thinking this a bunch. Tuesday night BLHubby was working late and I started to sort and rearrange. I didn't finish until Wed morn.  As to finding stuff, Apartment Therapy's Grace Bonny has a post that changed my ideas.  After all I don't have an enormous building sized library.  I usually rearrange, purge and clean up my bookcases a couple of times a year (sad to say that's usually all that I dust, also) so if it doesn't work, I can redo it.  Right now it makes me happy!  Now back to real work.