Sunday, August 26, 2012

Never Too Early for Halloween Costumes

Arkansas kids all went back to school this week.  It was fun to see my friends (and some far off relatives) post the first day of school pictures.  BL Baby Boy started his college classes Thursday.  All this means that in spite of absolutely no evidence that this summer straight from Hades will ever end, Halloween is just a few weeks away.  Time to start thinking of costumes.  The last several years have seen a lot of stores with Chinese import costumes that are rather nice and are under $20.  I've got some prejudices and issues with them but they're really very cute and you couldn't make something for that price. The problem comes is that they are usually only in small sizes suited more to preschoolers.  Especially a problem if your kids are as big for their age as are the BestLoved Kiddlets. There is also a good chance you will see several copies of your kid on the street on the big night.  I thought it would be fun to post some of the  best DIY costumes I've found.  I don't have a kid to out fit but I can dream.
via ni(D)
 When I was a kid a popular costume was a ghost.  An old white sheet or other white fabric was draped over the child and eye holes were cut out.  Vola! A Ghost.  These monsters come from a French blog/shop but looks almost as easy to DIY. Cut two matching sized pieces of a smooth, light colored fabric wide enough to go around your child and long enough to go from their head to mid calf. Seam them together, rounding the top and leaving holes for the arms. It's kind of like a tea cozy for your kid.  Then you and/or your child can draw a monster on the front (you could draw a back view, too, if desired).  It looks like these have some kind of mesh over the eye area.  You could just cut holes where your kids eyes are.  It would be great if the child's eyes were in the center of the monster eye or you could look for something see through to sew in place so your child could see. The imaginary monster can be colored with Sharpies, paint or even crayons.  If you use crayons, iron the front sandwiched between paper towels so the crayon wax melts and seeps into the fabric.  No one else will have a costume like yours. 
I love these.  

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