Friday, August 3, 2012

Quilts I Would Sew If I Wasn't Painting

We've had a terribly hot and dry summer here at the Best Loved House.  Hard to believe that in July I could return from Montana, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming and the western states would look lush and green and Arkansas looks as brown as Phoenix or Los Angeles.   I may have found a good "rain dance".  I've got some Arks and Play Sets ready to list in the shop and it's been cloudy with a little rain for the last couple of days.  The dark makes it hard to get good pictures. It seems to happen whenever I want good product photos.   Maybe if I got really, really productive the drought will break :).

So here are some poor pictures of the Three Bears beds is progress.  I love painting quilts on them.  I do like to make quilts, but never have the time any more.  It's fun to paint fantasy quilts for the Bear Family.

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