Monday, August 27, 2012

Money No Object Monday - Fantsy Bedroom

In the handmade, over-the-top bed category I submit the H2 Hummer fantasy bed.
Bed by KidsCreationsBeds on Etsy
It looks life sized and so detailed.  They don't have anything on their shop information except that they are out of Edenburg, IN, but everything looks to be made rather well from wood.  It would take a big bedroom to accommodate this.
Here's a view from the back.  It's high up but I don't see that as a problem for any little boy.  It comes with a 7 in. TV/DVD entertainment center and a cup holder. There is even a version that's "girly".
Pink Zebra H2 Hummer Fantasy Twin Bed
They say they can make these in any color or design. So how much?  Boy version is $2695.00 plus $550.00 shipping. The Pink Zebra on is a bit more, $2895.00, but only $500 shipping.  They take layaway.  I wonder if these would make heirlooms? The are certainly well enough made but their size makes them a bit difficult to store away in the attic when Jr. outgrows it and wants a grown-up room.  Would a future child think a retro huge car bed was wonderful or just too strange?

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